Finding a career

It's hump day (Wednesday) which is one of the days that I decided that I will post. I wasn't even going to post today because I recently started a new job and honestly because of this new job my mind has been wondering about what I want to do as a career for the rest of my life. Some people are lucky enough to know that they want to be a doctor, or that they want to be a lawyer or that they want to be a stylist at a young age. I'm not one of those people. I struggled with this for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be a lawyer but that was too much school. Then I wanted to be an accountant but everyone said that that was boring. At some point I wanted to be an interior designer but what normal person is willing to pay someone to decorate their homes. Other people wanted me to be a model but I'm not that tall and I personally don't like that type of attention. I'm sure I wanted other careers that I can't think of right now. (Oh, I wanted to be a psychologist as well) 

I wanted to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology because I was interested in Fashion in high school but I didn't want to be a designer because I didn't know how to draw models. I didn't know much about styling or merchandising so FIT was out. So I decided to go to Clark Atlanta University where I would major in accounting. I eventually changed my major to journalism because I actually like to write and the plan was to write about fashion. (I want to be the next Anna Wintour) Well, it turns out that working for a magazine like Vogue is extremely ambitious. So I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in journalism with no career offer. A semester after graduation I decided to go to F.I.T and get an associates degree in Fashion Merchandising to learn about the fashion industry. I figured that this would be another career option for me and if I didn't find a job while there I would still be able to use the knowledge that I learn at F.I.T to write about fashion. New York CIty is extremely competitive. I'm talking about how every one goes to the big Apple to chase a dream. Unfortunately, I started to lose my mind by living in New Jersey and commuting back and forth to the city. It was way too expensive and I wasn't motivated at all while I was there.    

Now back in Buffalo, I'm determined to work towards creating opportunities for myself by actively posting more because I really do want to be a fashion writer.