Tea Tree Oil by: The Body Shop

Tea Tree oil is one of those products that I've always heard about but never thought about trying until one of my favorite bloggers Marianna Hewitt bragged about the product on Lifewithme.com. After reading about how Tea Tree Oil is good to improve the impurities of the skin by reducing blemishes and acne I decided that this is a product that I must try. The Body Shop sells a 3 step to clear skin regimen that includes Tea Tree Oil as the active ingredient. 

I purchased a sample size set from my local store that includes the skin clearing:

1. Facial Wash

2. Toner

3. Tea Tree Oil 

4. Moisturizer (which is not pictured because I lost it)

I also purchased the Skin Clearing Clay Mask which I absolutely love. I love a good face mask and this one has a refreshing cooling affect while the mask is on my face. 


Tea Tree Oil is an herbal oil that can also be used to fight fungal infections of the nail, lice, athletes foot and ringworm. It can also be used as an antiseptic for bug bites, cuts, burns, vaginal infections, sore throat and many other conditions.  

You can purchase The Tea Tree Oil Collection here