C-Section Recovery

After Parker was born the nurse wheeled me into the recovery room. I honestly don't even remember the purpose of me being in there but nonetheless I was there and I was able to hold my baby finally. By this time Parker was cleaned up and wrapped in a receiving blanket. My body was completely numb from the top of my stomach, down to my toes. This was the weirdest feeling to me. During this time I couldn't imagine getting the feeling back. I very much felt paralyzed and this made me feel a little depressed. The nurse took Parker to the nursery because her body temperature was low. My boyfriend, mom and sister were in the recovery room with me. The nurse placed a full body heating pad on me and I continued to lay there.

A couple hours later the nurse wheeled me into my room where we would sty for the duration of our time in the hospital. The nurse also brought Parker into our room. We slept most of the day. At this point I felt fine physically because I was still numb and I still had an IV with pain medications. As soon as I felt a little pain I told the nurse and she gave me another dose. I remember being on two different medications that were administered through the IV however I don't remember the names of them. All I know is that one was a lot stronger than the other one. The nurse told me that the strong one would make me feel "like I had a few cocktails" and it did just that however the pain went away. She also gave me a stool softner. Every few hours throughout the night the nurse came into my room to check if my uterus was shrinking. She did this by pressing down on my stomach really hard. This was the worse pain I have experienced in my life. I cried one of those times. The nurse also gave me pain medicine if I wanted it and we tried breastfeeding Parker. I was confined to the bed the whole time. 

The next morning all of the numbness in my body was completely gone and the nurse removed the urinary catheter and IV. This meant that I would have to take pills for the pain that were not as strong as the medications through the IV and they took longer to kick in. This also meant that I had to actually get up out of the bed and walk to the bathroom. The day time nurse never told me that I was suppose to get up and walk around a little bit to help with the recovery so that day I stayed in bed the entire day and only got up to use the bathroom. The pain was almost unbearable this day. 

I left the hospital on the fourth day in so much pain. Although I am still recovering from my c-section 8 weeks later, it took about 3 weeks for me to be able to walk around without being in pain. I couldn't be alone with my baby for too long because it was extremely difficult being in so much pain and caring for a newborn. To this day it is still numb around my incision and I have a little discomfort every now and then but I haven't had any complications. 

If you're expecting and are anticipating delivery my advice would be to plan for a vaginal delivery but also do your research about cesarean deliveries as well. Don't completely rule out c-sections because more and more women deliver their babies by c-section every year. I didn't expect to have a c-section. I wanted "the surprise" and to experience having contractions and going into labor when I least expected it but that did not happen for me. This does not make me any less of of a mother and this was the safest way to deliver my baby so I would not change this experience for the world. 

Comment below if you have any questions about my C-Section experience or recovery that I forgot to mention. 

Also let me know if I should do a Youtube video describing in more detail about this experience or to answer any questions.