Tips to begin your Wellness Journey

It can be very difficult for someone who have never exercised or lived a healthy lifestyle to begin a wellness journey. It took me almost a year after having my daughter to realize that my mind and body are not going to change unless I decide mentally that I want to make this change for myself, take the steps to make the changes that I seek and remain consistent in order to see the results that I want. I'm the type of person who has to plan out exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it before I begin anything. (I'm not spontaneous at all) I came up with these tips below that have helped me to begin my journey and will keep me motivated throughout this entire lifestyle change. 

(The tips are listed below however be sure to watch an in depth video of how these tips have worked for me and how they can work for you)

1. Set realistic short term and long term goals

2. Write down your goals

3. Create a schedule/plan

4. Workout at the same time each day

5. Maximize your workout time

6. Do not abuse the scale

7. Work at your own level 

8. Realize that your wellness journey is yours and no-one else