Self Care Challenge

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you
— Anne Lamott

In order to be a blessing to someone else we must first be a blessing to ourselves. It’s perfectly fine to take some extra time to take care of yourself. It’s perfectly fine to give yourself that extra love after a long day of work, school or even parenting. Me time is essential in order to recharge, refocus and move forward.

Even though I go through different things and I drive myself crazy, I always find time to take care of myself. Especially as a parent and a girlfriend. That time to myself is a must. I have created a 30 day challenge that is basically a list of things that you can do by yourself in order to give yourself that extra love that you may need in that moment when you are feeling down and you need to pick yourself back. These things can also be done when you’re feeling good and you want to feel extra good.

Day 1 Paint your toenails

Day 2 Go for a run or walk

Day 3 Read a motivational book

Day 4 Journal before bed

Day 5 Buy yourself something nice

Day 6 Ice cream date with yourself

Day 7 Meditate for 5 to 10 minutes (or longer)

Day 8 Yoga Class, Spin Class, Pilates Class (Choose 1)

Day 9 Watch your favorite girly movie

Day 10 Candle shopping

Day 11 Get a massage

Day 12 Coffee date at Starbucks with yourself

Day 13 Get a pedicure

Day 14 Browse barnes & noble for a new book

Day 15 Go to church

Day 16 Lunch date with yourself

Day 17 Get a facial

Day 18 Get your hair done

Day 19 Go to the gym

Day 20 Organize your closet

Day 21 Take a long hot bubble bath

Day 22 Take a hour nap

Day 23 Bake a cake or cupcakes

Day 24 Drink a cup of tea

Day 25 Browse Pinterest

Day 26 Write yourself a love letter

Day 27 Sing your favorite song out loud in the shower

Day 28 Log off of social media

Day 29 Buy yourself flowers

Day 30 Pray

My favorite things to do on this list are reading, shopping for anything, meditating, exercising, taking a hot bath and having a conversation with god. I encourage you all to try some of the things on this list if not all of them for the next 30 days in no particular order and see how you feel after each task is complete. Be on the lookout for more post about how to do some of these things on the list. Also, Leave a comment below if you already do some of things and let me know some self care ideas that are not listed.

Thank you,